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MUMBAI: Even as actor Kangana Ranaut appeared in Andheri’s Magistrate’s Court in the defamation case filed by Javed Akhtar, her lawyer said that she too had filed a complaint against the lyricist. In his complaint, Ranaut accused him of extortion and criminal intimidation among other charges.
She alleged in a public dispute with her co-star Hrithik Roshan, Akhtar called her and her sister at his home in Juhu, and threatened and forced her to issue a written apology.
Meanwhile, Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee said she filed a plea before the Metropolitan Chief Justice to request the transfer of the Magistrate Court case on the grounds that she had ” lost confidence ”in her. He said they were “uncomfortable” in court and felt it was “biased against her”.
Javed Akhtar forced me to issue a written apology to co-star: Kangana Ranaut
Actor Kangana Ranaut’s attorney, Rizwan Siddiquee, said she filed a plea before the Metropolitan Chief Justice to request the transfer of the Magistrate Court’s defamation case on the grounds that she had “lost confidence” in her. The transfer request will be heard on October 1.
Ranaut (34), in a peach sari, went to court a little before noon. After making his presence known, certain bail formalities were completed.
Ranaut’s plea against lyricist Javed Akhtar (76) said: “The said defendant (Akhtar) even had the audacity to force me to present a written apology to my said co-star (Roshan), thus seeking forcefully to create a document (precious security) in favor of my co-star.
Ranaut’s plea also said she was threatened with dire consequences and that by engaging in a public fight with her “most powerful co-star and her family” she would make her life miserable because she would go in prison and would later commit suicide. She also alleged that her moral character was attacked by certain statements. “The accused, by his criminal acts, thus willfully caused me immense tortures and mental traumas which continue to have a disturbing effect on my mind …”, declared the plea. She said that instead of apologizing, the libel case was filed against her. “I declare that my family has now authorized me to bring a complaint against the accused …”, stated the plea of ​​Ranaut.
Adjourning the libel case until November 15, the Andheri Magistrates’ Court then said: “As the accused and his eminent lawyer have shown a lack of faith and confidence in this tribunal by making certain allegations. against this tribunal, therefore, at this stage of consideration of the case. is not appropriate. Therefore, with the consent of both parties, the case is adjourned until the decision of the transfer request filed by the accused, ”said the court.
Siddiquee said without providing sufficient cause and reasons and without an order on file, which warrants the mandatory appearance of the accused in a bail, unknowable and aggravating offense the court threatened to issue ” an arrest warrant … As a result, we lost confidence in this court and therefore requested a transfer … ”
Akhtar’s lawyer Jay Bhardwaj opposed his submission and said the transfer request filed with the Supreme Court has already been settled. He argued that Ranaut intended to escape prosecution, therefore, she took a new stand. Akhtar’s plea for issuing a non-lease warrant against Ranaut was dismissed.

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