PSP chief asks Sindh government to transfer money to grassroots – Pakistan


KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen party chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said on Monday that the most important point of the PSP local body project is the formula under which the financial resources received by the provinces under the NFC will be transferred to the local level through the PFC, and without implementation on this mechanism, the authority of LG departments is meaningless.

The nation should ask leaders not for bread, clothing and shelter, but for the authority and resources of elected local government officials.

The PPP-led provincial government is listening to our demands. We stay here until our demands are met.

Although PSL is very important for the image of Pakistan, people who are deprived of basic facilities like electricity, water and gas have no worries about it. He voiced these views during an interview with reporters on the second day of the sit-in at Fawarah Chowk as part of the PSP Against Sindh Local Government Amendment Act.

PSP President Anis Kaim Khani and other central leaders were also present on the occasion.

Mustafa Kamal added that Pakistan’s administrative and financial situation has deteriorated. Funds received by the province from the federation are not transferred to the local government level. He said Sindh province gets 1.2 trillion rupees a year from the federation but there is no good education, petrol, clean water and medicine. The four senior ministers retained all powers and resources. That is why this country is not working properly.

“We have not yet become an independent nation. I had invested 300 billion rupees in Karachi in my term as mayor and Karachi was ranked among the four fastest growing cities in the world,” he said. .

He called on the Sindh government to account for the Rs 12 trillion it received under the NFC over the past 13 years, before blaming the federation, Punjab and the Establishment for depriving Sindh of its rights.

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