People can now transfer money to their MPAiSA accounts from ANZ accounts


ANZ Retail Banking Director Renuka Kumar, RBF Governor Ariff Ali and Vodafone Marketing Director Rajnesh Prasad

People will now be able to transfer money from their ANZ accounts directly to their MPAiSA accounts after joining forces to launch the service.

Westpac, Bank of Baroda and HFC have also partnered with Vodafone’s MPAiSA services.

Previously, people had to physically queue at an MPAiSA outlet to top up their accounts.

Vodafone Marketing Director Rajnesh Prasad says the service is free.

Prasad says that through ANZ’s online banking or the ANZ Pacific app, people can use the Bill Pay option, select Vodafone, enter the MPAiSA mobile number and transfer amount.

He adds that the amount will be credited within 15 minutes.

Prasad says that MPAiSA has become a very critical digital financial platform.

He adds that every month they process 240 million MPAiSA transactions.

Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Ariff Ali explains that the reason they support these types of innovations is that they help reduce costs and hopefully improve efficiency.

Ali says they are also working with banks through which people will be able to transfer money from MPAiSA to their bank accounts.

He says he has also challenged Vodafone and Digicel to ensure people can transfer from MPAiSA to MyCash and vice versa.

ANZ Head of Retail Banking Renuka Kumar said today’s partnership is an important step towards greater financial inclusion.


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