National Transfer Your Daughter Money Day 2022: History, Meaning and Activities


You read it right, there is a day encouraging parents to send money to their daughters on that day. As who knows, it might actually help them, especially when they’re hesitant to ask.

National Send Your Daughter Money Day is celebrated annually on October 6 in the United States, and as the nake suggests, it’s all about sending money to girls.

On this day, parents can transfer money to their daughter’s bank accounts, deliver cash in person, or use more modern methods such as Venmo and Zelle to help brighten their daughter’s day and give them an unexpected surprise.

Event National Transfer Your Daughter Money Day
Date October 6, 2022
Day Thursday
Importance The day encourages parents to strengthen their bonds with their children
Observed by United States


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National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day History:

It is evident from our history that for a very long time daughters have been discriminated against by our society compared to sons in our societies. This is unfortunately still the case in certain regions of our world where it is still forbidden for daughters to inherit from their parents. However, the modern world has brought changes to most parts of the world today.

It’s not even just about inheritance, but in the past, daughters were also often widely discriminated against in their care compared to sons in the family. As if they were forbidden to have access to education or if they were denied money or help from their parents for anything. So this day is also a kind of tight slap in the face to those regressive thoughts of our past and celebrates the rights of the modern world.

The first recorded wire transfer was started in 1872 by Western Union, a financial services company. Although this company still exists today, money transfers have grown. Now we have access to several simplified options on how we want to manage our money. In 1969, Chemical Bank was the first bank to install an ATM. Since then, ATMs have been readily available at concerts, universities, Target stores, banks, and many other places. Even social media wants to help make money transfer convenient for millennials.

Founded by Zelle, which is a mobile banking app, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day started as a tongue-in-cheek way to get parents to send money to their daughters and also as a marketing campaign by the company. The first instance of this day took place in 2017 and, probably with the support of girls around the world, it has grown far beyond Zelle to become an international celebration today.

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day Meaning:

National Send Your Daughter Money Day is the perfect time for parents to send some cash to their daughter to pay bills or pamper themselves. Whether it’s transferring money to her bank account or choosing to make her feel loved in some other way, this day can be the one that inspires and encourages parents and daughters to have a good time together and strengthen the bonds with each other.

Some children are not always willing to accept money from their parents, even when they need it. As they think it is shameful to ask their parents for money as adults and that is why even sometimes in their most difficult times, they hesitate to ask their parents for help. So this day also gives an opportunity for parents to take care of their children without forcing them to ask for it by surprise, because if they really have financial difficulties, it can be of great help to them or even help them. they are doing well financially, they will see this as a beautiful gesture of love and attention.

Sending money to your daughter can sometimes be awkward, especially if she’s an adult who lives alone. Whether a parent wants to help their daughter with a down payment to buy a new house or save for college, this day is the perfect excuse to do so without being super awkward and at the same time help your daughter increase their savings.

Those who don’t have daughters don’t need to feel left out either. It’s a great day to transfer money to a favorite granddaughter, friend or niece, anyone in your family who you think could use your money. No matter who is involved, National Send Your Daughter Money Day is a day that can bring a lot of joy and also helps strengthen relationships.


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National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day Activities:

I mean, who doesn’t like money? Especially when it shows up in their bank account unexpectedly? Be sure to make your daughter’s day extra special by sending her some extra spending money and do it as a surprise to give her an unexpected surprise because people often appreciate things if you do it as a surprise rather than talking to them directly beforehand.

Another great way to treat your daughter on National Daughter Money Day is to take her shopping. Also keep in mind that you have to do all the shopping to make her feel special and also don’t forget to pay all the bills on your own as it’s a day entirely dedicated to your daughter, so celebrate fully with her by offering her everything she wants.

A fun thing to do on this day, of course, is to get creative with a gift for your daughter. Although the most obvious idea is to transfer money to him, there are certainly other options. Especially if you’re hesitant to send her money directly, try giving her a gift card or coupon that she can use later to make the most of it and remember you forever.

National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day most searched FAQs:

1. When is National Money Transfer Day celebrated?

National Send Your Daughter Money Day is celebrated annually on October 6 in the United States.

2. Who founded National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day?

The National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day was founded by Zelle, a mobile banking app in 2017.

3. How can I transfer money to my daughter?

There are several ways to transfer money to your daughter. Some options are writing them a check, giving them money, transferring money directly to their account, or even using Venmo, Facebook Messenger, or other apps.


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