Mumbai: Court Reserves Kangana Ranaut’s Plea Order to Transfer Case | Bombay News

MUMBAI: An additional Metropolitan Chief Magistrate on Wednesday heard and reserved for orders, a plea by actor Kangana Ranaut to transfer veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar’s libel claim against her to another magistrate.
In his arguments for the transfer, his lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee argued that Magistrate Andheri had full power to rule on the applications before him for judgment, but he allegedly summoned her and chose to say he could issue a warrant of arrest without providing sufficient information. cause and reasons in writing.
He said this was a simple case of an unknowable, bailable and aggravated offense and the defendant’s plea can also be entered in her absence. Magistrate Andheri whose advice was sought has submitted his report.
Akhtar’s lawyer, Jay Bharadwaj, asking that his plea be dismissed, said it was untenable and had no legal basis. He stated that she was not present on several occasions and therefore her plea could not be entered after the magistrate became aware of it. Bharadwaj testified that Akhtar, the plaintiff being an elderly person, diligently attended every court date.
Additional CMM ST Dande who holds the additional charge as Metropolitan Chief Magistrate has reserved the transfer plea for the orders to be passed on October 21. She has, in the meantime, also filed another transfer request and also a private complaint against Javed Akhtar, who was to go before the same magistrate Andheri.
His new candidacy is expected to be heard on Thursday. She asks that the two cases be heard by a different magistrate.

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