Men forced Seattle University student to transfer money to bank account – KIRO 7 News Seattle


SEATTLE – Two men forced a Seattle University student to perform banking transactions that sent money to an account while they watched, Seattle police say significant incident report.

At 3:10 p.m. Monday, officers were called to the Seattle University campus to a report from a student who had been robbed.

The victim said he was standing in front of his car on campus when two men confronted him. A man gave him a headache.

The student told police the men had implied they had guns and demanded that he hand over his money and valuables.

When the victim emptied her pockets to show she had no money, the thieves forced the student to use her cell phone to transfer money to another account on a phone the thieves had.

After the transactions were completed, the thieves let the student keep his phone so he could make another transaction later that day.

The thieves also searched the student’s car, where they found documents showing the student’s address. The victim was warned that if he did not complete the subsequent transaction, they would shoot at his house at 5 p.m.

The men then fled and headed south on 12th Avenue.

The student called 911 and Seattle University security was notified.

Police said evidence reviewed by officers supported the victim’s claims.

Officers continued to investigate and attended the victim’s address at 5 p.m., in case the robbers followed through on their threats to shoot at his home.

The SPD and Seattle University later learned that the victim allegedly had a prior relationship with one of the two suspects. Information about the suspect has been provided to police, who are continuing to investigate the incident.


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