List of new techniques used by crooks to transfer money from accounts without ATM card


Online crooks have improved their skills at defrauding people with their hard earned money as non-physical transactions increase daily.

Nowadays, many people prefer to make payment for goods and services online with an ATM using card pins, especially with the coronavirus pandemic.

The crooks have improved the techniques used to steal from unsuspecting members of the public. Photo: Justin Sullivan
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Even small business owners encourage customers to use online payment rather than withdrawing cash from the store,

The trick these days is to use the web to cheat people and cheat them out of their money without using an ATM card.

Here are some of the new techniques:

1. Internet fraudsters create various sites where products are distributed at modest prices to attract victims. As soon as individuals enter their card details, the crooks will use the information to steal all the money from the victim’s account.

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2. Receive text messages claiming that you have just won amazing freebies from cellphones, cars, home appliances and other wonderful gift items. You will be asked to secure the win by transferring your individual bank details for delivery.

3. Another trick currently used by scammers is to text one of your close contacts asking for money pretending to be you.

4. Investment and retirement scams, which could offer stocks or the ability to convert your retirement into cash.

Steps to Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed

Previously, had already reported certain actions to be taken if your money is stolen through internet fraud.

It has been reported that the police or EFCC can track the scammer by obtaining their exact location, making it easier to arrest the scammer.

The scam is not for you: a Nigerian texting a scammer who wanted to cheat him

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Meanwhile, a young Nigerian, Ridwan Rasheed, took to Facebook to denounce a caller who tried to scam him online.

Detailing their conversation and giving the person’s phone number, Ridwan revealed that the scammer called him and introduced himself as a bank official.

After that he mentioned his middle name and asked if he had his ATM card. To this, as a way of frustrating him, Ridwan asked “which ATM? ” several times.



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