How to open a business account and transfer money to Europe?


There are several ways to transfer money to Europe or between European countries. On the pages of, you will find information on how to make similar payments in USD and EUR. However, let’s discuss this topic again so that you can work with any financial transaction easily, quickly and without hindrance.

There are several convenient money transfer options, but they differ in processing speed, commission size, and limits, so knowledge of these is your most reliable tool. As for the methods, they remain the same whether you are trying to send money from Romania or the Eurozone.

SEPA: Convenient payments in Europe

You can open a professional account on platform to simplify subsequent operations and separate the flow of business money from personal finance. Additionally, a business account provides access to a merchant account and important and practical tools necessary for successful accounting, money management, and subsequent reporting.

So how can you easily earn money using a Genome account? The algorithm is quite simple:

● Open a business account if you plan to do business or are already in business. Open a business account even if you are self-employed and have no employees. In this case, a business account will bring you even more benefits because when you have to do it all yourself, the clarity and intuitive tools will come in handy.

● Log in to your business account and schedule SEPA payments.

● To accept payments from customers, open a merchant account. During scheduled periods, the money will automatically be credited to your
Genome account.

Thus, by using the SEPA network and your business account in Romania or other European countries, you are free to adjust your cash flow.

The main ways to transfer money

Transfer money to the EU in the most convenient way. There are different options available which are equally effective in avoiding bureaucracy and waiting too long.

1. A credit card is suitable for international payments if the recipient accepts these cards. In this case, additional charges for using the credit limit may be deducted from the sender.

2. Bank transfer. Open a business account to make regular or one-time payments. They can also be made under the SEPA scheme, subject to such transfers in euros.

3. Use digital wallets to make international transfers and receive funds. You should pay attention to commissions and limits because some e-wallets charge higher fees than other payment methods.

Open a business account to consolidate your finances in one place and manage them as you see fit.

Why should you open a business account with Genome to accept SEPA payments?

The Genome Online Account automates payment collection and simplifies financial transactions for your entire business. You will need an open trade account which will save you time on processing, checking, sending, notifying and requesting payments.

This way you keep everything under control and free up space and time for other no less important things.

Open a professional account and benefit from all the advantages of SEPA for payments in Europe. Optimize electronic and non-cash payments in your company’s online account instead of dealing with different individual systems for each case. Please note that in addition to the need to open a business account, it is equally important for you to operate with correct payment information: IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code. Moreover, the service allows you to do everything much faster and easier than you are used to. So, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?


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