How should FC Dallas spend this Ricardo Pepi transfer money?


With the news across the Twitter sphere and our own site of the scintillating number of Ricardo Pepi moving to FC Augsburg for $ 20 million, FC Dallas fans have been torn between excitement and resignation.

Excitement, of course, as $ 20million could go a long way to modernize this squad and welcome a slew of talented additions.

Resignation, though, for some fans not trusting this front office to spend those funds appropriately and wisely to make this franchise a real contender.

Whether you trust Dan Hunt and the company or not, the next few months will open a window to the future of FC Dallas, a world-class talent developer. Reggie Cannon and Bryan Reynolds transfers were just the appetizer of the main course, and who knows who else might be next to go?

Here are some ideas for FC Dallas to spend some money.

1. Cut Franco Jara and eat his salary.

Hey, it’s not likely, but FC Dallas could do worse than say goodbye to the Jara era. Franco Jara was he the worst bust in the history of FC Dallas? Of course not. He scored the occasional goal. He was a good teammate and a professional. Its $ 3 million price tag hurt, however, as other players who produce more deserved more. It could be an offseason to just cut down on deadweight like Jara and finally even a guy like Jose Martinez if you feel like it’s time to rejuvenate and give other players a chance to form that backbone of the squad. in the future. Granted, I don’t think that’s likely, as even a veteran like Jara could serve a young team some value, but $ 3million for a guy off the bench is not a good MLS football roster. .

2. Invest in shade for the entire stadium.

It would be an extravagant way to spend some of the money, but on the other hand, if there’s one way to improve fan participation and engagement, it’s to improve the experience of coming. in Frisco. With $ 20 million in cash at your disposal, there is also room to add shade in the parking lots to serve the fan groups and their tailgating pleasure. Deploy water points around the stadium to keep people hydrated. Upgrade the audio system or improve the dealerships. At the very least, bring back the football urinal cakes!

3. Build a young and strong core of this team.

When a big transfer happens, the thought of going out and splurging on a huge legitimate designated player is the first temptation to rush. But just like someone getting a raise at their job doesn’t mean they have to go out and buy a luxury sedan, FC Dallas better think about years 2 and 3 under head coach Nico Estevez. . Can they get seasoned, solid players to build their defense, deepen their squad, and start forming the core of a squad that can compete for the championships? Think about a solid midfielder who won’t break the bank. Think of a proven winger who won’t threaten DP level salary considerations. Think of a defenseman who can legitimately improve on one of your positions – like left or right-back – and start there for three years. FC Dallas may pay a bit too much in the short term for such talent, but these players are plentiful and will leave a large chunk of that $ 20 million in the bank. Add them to our core of talented youngsters like Cerrillo, Servania, Pomykal, Tafari and Ferreira, and you have the makings of a team that can go a long way.

4. Identify foreign talent filling the gaps in your youth pipeline.

Think strategically about these young people coming into your system. Where do you need talent the most? Where do your youth prospects offer the least benefit? Take a flyer about a promising young talent, someone in the vein of Phelipe Megiolaro, but in need. As the base positions begin to build, picking up flyers about a promising talent makes a lot of sense. Signings like Phelipe and Freddy Vargas are great when you’ve already got a core team in place, but when you’re hoping that a youngster like them can end up serving as a vital cog, the results are less than inspiring.

5. Pick up a flyer on a North Texas elder.

North Texas has a habit of introducing young people the way FC Dallas does. Some of these guys weren’t good enough for the senior squad which is why they continued on their way to other leagues. FC Dallas will have a lot of money to bring one of these guys as a veteran but exciting depth player. Basically, I still hope a guy like Ronaldo Damus takes a look at it. Alternatively, could Dallas bring Alejandro Zendejas back to his home club to be that playmaker they had and let him go?

6. Deposit on a new stadium elsewhere.

Want to get the fans excited? Use some of the currency to hire an Exploratory Team to research new long-term stadium locations. This allows you to renegotiate a deal with the City of Frisco, but it also gets fans excited about Dallas building a new stadium where the American Airlines hub is located or a new updated Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. . Or the hell, could Choctaw Stadium get some other upgrades and become the premier football facility in all of Texas? You’re not building a new stadium for $ 20 million, but hiring a company to start footwork could be an investment in the future of your franchise.


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