How OFWs can transfer money, pay bills at home


August 30 in the Philippines is also known as National Heroes Day. A day intended not only to celebrate the names in the history books, but also the millions of Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW) who sacrifice themselves every day to support their families back home and create a future for themselves. radiant.

While working abroad can be a dream for many, it comes with its share of challenges and sacrifices. OFWs have to contend with not being physically present for important milestones of their loved ones or not being able to take full control of where the money they send goes.

This is why one of the leading mobile wallets in the Philippines, GCash, designed its features to be accessible to Filipinos abroad.

GCash is a mobile wallet app that allows customers to buy charges, pay bills, send and receive money anywhere in the Philippines, pay using QR codes, and invest money. money in local and global funds, all via their smartphones. Photo source: GCash

Those based in the Philippines have experienced the ease and convenience that GCash has to offer, and those overseas can experience it as well.

“I first realized that I could use GCash overseas when my father told me to download it to receive relief payments from our local government during the pandemic,” says Kamae Magsanoc, a healthcare professional. Sydney based marketing. Although I did not use it myself, I was able to access [the payments] and send it back to my family where they can put it to good use. Since then, I have explored the app and have been pleasantly surprised by its ease of use, which is not much different from our banking apps here in Australia, ”she says.

Filipinos abroad can download the app and register as long as they have an active and roaming Filipino SIM card. According to Magsanoc, it was easy for him to register and verify his account. She has since used the app’s money transfer feature on several occasions. “Although I cannot be with my family at the moment, I was able to celebrate my recent promotion with them. I transferred the money and it went straight to their accounts. ” According to her, the fact that GCash has multiple transfer partners makes it easier to cash out.

Magsanoc also likes to use it to send gifts to his family. “I like supporting small Filipino businesses. Most, if not all, now accept GCash, so I can buy from these little stores, send them to my family, and pay direct. For example, my parents recently celebrated their birthday and I was able to send flowers to my mother from their local florist. It’s really convenient, ” she says.

Australia-based Kamae Magsanoc loves the ease of use of the GCash app, especially for transferring money or buying gifts for his family in Manila.  Photo source: GCash
Australia-based Kamae Magsanoc loves the ease of use of the GCash app, especially for transferring money or buying gifts for his family in Manila. Photo source: GCash

Joseph Azrael Daluz, a rescue assistant educator also based in Australia, says he has been using the app for a few months now. “I use it to transfer money to my family, relatives, friends and people in need,” he says. ” I prefer GCash because it’s safe and more convenient. It needs less details compared to bank transfers. I just need three details – full name, address and cell phone number, and I can do that through my cell phone anytime. ”

According to him, the application has made it easier for him to manage his finances, even from abroad. “ I don’t have to stress about asking for details from those I want to send money to for help. It’s quick and easy, and I can focus on more important things. There are a lot of people who are getting sick these days because of the health crisis and the consequences of the lockdown. GCash allows me to extend my help effectively. ”

GCash helps OFWs like Joseph Azrael Daluz send money to family, friends and those in need. It also allows them to pay the utility bills of their families back home, giving them full control over their finances and how they are used. Photo source: GCash

Filipinos abroad also have access to GCash’s bill payment feature, where they can pay bills such as water and electricity. This can take the worry out of whether the money sent home is being used for the right purpose.

Buhay sa Cruise Ship’s Facebook group founder Rinell Banda also recommends it to overseas Filipinos, especially sailors. “I have used several features myself, including money transfer, bill payment and GInvest. I made a few YouTube videos about it. If it’s that simple and convenient to use even for Filipinos overseas, I would gladly recommend it to OFWs, ” he says.

With millions of Filipinos working overseas, sending money and supporting their families is one of the things that needs a simple and reliable service.

Celebrate OFWs as heroes on this National Heroes Day by joining the GCash MoneyGram Saludo Sayo contest. From now until August 29, people residing in the Philippines can earn P50,000 for their OFW family and friends when they request their GCash payout through Moneygram. Post a photo of your nominated OFW on Facebook and explain why he is your hero and use the hashtags #OFWBayaniKo and #GCashMoneyGramSaludoSayo. Three winners will be announced via Facebook on August 30, 2021, in time for National Heroes Day.

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