Glasgow woman let criminals transfer money to her bank account after scamming pensioner


A WOMAN has appeared in court accused of being involved in the scam of a pensioner.

Laura Wood let criminals use her bank account to transfer money after defrauding a 79-year-old man of £17,500. However, the Crown could not provide specific information about the amount of money paid into Wood’s account.

The 30-year-old appeared in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court for converting £1,801 of criminal property into euros at TUI Braehead on April 7, 2016, which was paid for with fraudulent funds from her bank account.

On the same day, she converted €1000 and €450 in exchange for books at TUI Glasgow Fort, which was also paid for with fraudulent funds.

Assistant Tax Solicitor Ross Harris said: ‘The complainant was contacted by a man who appeared to be from the fraud department of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

“He was told there was a security risk to his account and two separate deposit accounts had been set up so that his funds could be moved into them.

“A total of £17,500 was transferred. Calls between the individual and the complainant were interrupted after the complainant became suspicious and reported it to his bank.

“Police began investigating throughout April 2019 transactions made at travel agencies. These concerned the accused.

“Police then located the accused, and she was interviewed and made a series of confessions regarding the transactions.”

Mr Harris told the court the plaintiff was thought to have only recovered £35 of the £17,500.

His lawyer said: “It’s a serious offence, I’m not trying to play it down. She is absolutely devastated by what she has been involved in. She is extremely embarrassed at how easily she was tricked into what has been a difficult part of her life. She has a job and responsibilities.

Sheriff Patricia Pryce postponed Wood’s sentencing in order to save money to reimburse the plaintiff.

She told him, “I’m sure I’ll postpone these cases for six months to let you pay back some money.

“This is your first offence, but this is a very serious matter. You must use the time to save and come back here and I expect you will have a substantial amount of money to pay. Otherwise, it’s a very serious matter, and all options are open.

Wood, of Springburn, will return to court in November to offer compensation to the victim.


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