Fox Valley residents vote on referendum questions over land transfer taxes and firefighter issues – Chicago Tribune


A number of referendum questions were on the primary ballot Tuesday in Fox Valley.

One of the referendum issues involved a proposed real estate transfer tax at the rate of $3 per $1,000 of value on all property purchases in Oswego.

The fee would be on the closing of new homes to help generate funds for the costs of Oswego bringing clean water to Lake Michigan through a connection with the DuPage Water Commission.

Existing residents who buy a house in the village would be exempt from the tax.

The unofficial final results show 60% voting in favor of the transfer tax and almost 40% voting against.

Also in Oswego, a question about a property tax increase to provide more funds to the Oswego Fire Protection District amid a growing need for services was on the ballot.

If voters approved the tax hike, it would increase the average homeowner’s fire tax by about $99 a year, based on a home value of $300,000.

Depending on the unofficial final results, the decision could come down to a handful of ballots, with the vote essentially split. As of Wednesday morning, there appear to be slightly more votes against the measure than for it, according to unofficial figures.

Residents of the Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District were asked in Tuesday’s ballot whether district trustees should be elected rather than appointed.

The unofficial final results show that 79.1% vote in favor of electing the directors, with 20.8% against this decision.

In North Aurora, the fire district had a question on the ballot Tuesday asking for a tax increase to help build a new fire station. Voters were asked to approve the issuance of bonds worth $10 million to “build a new fire station and purchase emergency response fleet and equipment.”

According to the unofficial final results, 58.6% voted in favor of issuing the bonds, and 38.2% voted against.

Also on Tuesday, Blackberry Township voters voted on whether to allow the township “to enter into a contract for the collection, disposal, composting and recycling of trash and garbage for residents of unincorporated areas.” in society of the township of Blackberry”.

According to the unofficial final results, 63% voted in favor of the proposal, with 32.8% voting the other way.


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