Alert to ICICI Bank customers! Here’s how to transfer money online through the iMobile payment app | Personal finance news


There is an update for ICICI Bank customers as they should note that they can easily transfer funds using the ICICI Bank iMobile app. Notably, customers can also connect to the official website to know more.

In a tweet, ICICI Bank recently said, “#iMobilePayByICICIBank makes money transfers convenient and easy for its users. Simply download the app to get started:

Customers should keep these steps in mind in order to send money to their loved ones using the ICICI Bank iMobile app:

Step 1: Connect to the ICICI Bank iMobile application

2nd step: Then enter the four-digit login PIN code

Step 3: Click on fund transfer

Step 4: After that add the beneficiary. To do this, click on Add / Manage beneficiary

Step 5: Choose ICICI Bank if the beneficiary has an account in ICICI Bank. If not, click on Other bank. If the beneficiary has an account in ICICI Bank, the following steps should be followed.

Step 6: Then enter beneficiary details eg account name, number, nickname, IFSC code

Step 7: Click Continue

Step 8: Then enter the OTP

Step 9: Enter the amount and click Continue

Step 10: Click on Confirm then to confirm the transaction

Step 11: Enter the four-digit PIN again

The money transfer will be successful.

In case the beneficiary does not have an account in ICICI Bank, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1: Choose the beneficiary from the list of beneficiaries

2nd step: Enter the amount to pay

Step 3: Select the transfer type – NEFT / RTGS / IMPS. It should be noted that NEFT is intended for transfers up to Rs 20 lakh. RTGS is intended for transfer between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 20 lakh. IMPS is available 24/7 365 days a year.

Step 4: Choose between now and later

Step 5: Enter the type of payment, frequency and installments

Step 6: Click on Continue then on Confirm

The transaction will be successful.

For more information, you can log into the official website of ICICI Bank at




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